Books of 2022

Starting in 2021, inspired by TheLitCritGuy, I kept a running list of books that I’d read on The Bird Site. You can still find the full 2022 thread there, too.

  1. Eight Detectives (Alex Pavesi), after I’d finished “Books Zero”, which rolled over from 2021: All Systems Red (Martha Wells) and The Lamplighters (Emma Stonex)
  2. Sophie and the Sibyl (Patricia Duncker)
  3. The Secret World of the Lodging House (Joseph O’Neill)
  4. Bull (David Elliott)
  5. Network Effect (Martha Wells)
  6. Moriarty (Anthony Horowitz)
  7. Six Stories (Matt Wesolowski)
  8. The Book of Trespass (Nick Hayes)
  9. The Little Book of the East End (Dee Gordon)
  10. The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes (ed. Nick Rennison)
  11. The House of Silk (Anthony Horowitz)
  12. Possession (Erin Thompson)
  13. Detransition, Baby (Torrey Peters)
  14. Hydra (Matt Wesolowski)
  15. Pandemonium (Armando Iannucci)
  16. Breaking Things At Work (Gavin Mueller)
  17. Lois the Witch (Elizabeth Gaskell)
  18. Keystroke Capitalism (Aaron Sahr)
  19. Carnival of the Lost (Kieran Larwood)
  20. The Personality Brokers (Merve Emre)
  21. Underland (Robert Macfarlane)
  22. The Decagon House Murders (Yukito Ayatsuji)
  23. The Honjin Murders (Seishi Yokomizo)
  24. The Blue Tent (Richard Gwyn)
  25. The Wicked Go to Hell (Frédéric Dard)
  26. The Judge and His Hangman (Friedrich Dürrenmatt)
  27. The Pledge (Friedrich Dürrenmatt)
  28. The Guest List (Lucy Foley)
  29. The Hunting Party (Lucy Foley)
  30. Mistaken Identity (Asad Haider)
  31. Empireland (Sathnam Sanghera)
  32. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Bearer (Rick Riordan)
  33. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (Rick Riordan)
  34. The Juniper Tree (The Brothers Grimm)
  35. The City and the City (China Miéville)
  36. Devotion (Ros Barber)
  37. The Taiga Syndrome (Cristina Rivera Garza)
  38. Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse (Rick Riordan)
  39. Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth (Rick Riordan)
  40. Fallen Idols (Alex von Tunzelmann)
  41. Metamorphosis (Penelope Lively)
  42. Murder at Mansfield Park (Lynn Shepherd)
  43. Unwell Women (Elinor Cleghorn)
  44. The Middlesteins (Jami Attenberg)
  45. The Fire Gospel (Michael Faber)
  46. Good Samaritans (Will Carver)
  47. Possession (A.S. Byatt)
  48. The Paris Apartment (Lucy Foley)
  49. The Woman in the Library (Sulari Gentill)
  50. Neuromancer (William Gibson)
  51. Traces (Patricia Wiltshire)
  52. A Spoonful of Murder (J.M. Hall)
  53. The Swan Thieves (Elizabeth Kostova)
  54. Psychopaths Anonymous (Will Carver)
  55. Changeling (Matt Wesolowski)
  56. Beast (Matt Wesolowski)
  57. The Gospel of Loki (Joanne Harris)
  58. Happy Like Murders (Gordon Burns)
  59. A Twist of the Knife (Anthony Horowitz)
  60. Nothing Important Happened Today (Will Carver)
  61. The Anomaly (Hervé Le Tellier)
  62. The Appeal (Janice Hallett)
  63. Five Days at Memorial (Sheri Fink)
  64. The Candy House (Jennifer Egan)
  65. Piranesi (Susanna Clarke)
  66. The Devil You Know (Gwen Adshead)
  67. The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde)
  68. Babel (R.F. Kuang)
  69. Magpie (Elizabeth Day)
  70. Very Short Introduction to Classical Literature (William Allan)
  71. Death and Croissants (Ian Moore)
  72. Empire of Pain (Patrick Radden Keefe)
  73. Blackstone Fell (Martin Edwards)
  74. Wilkie Collins (Peter Ackroyd)