Books of 2021

2021 was the inaugural year of my Bird Site booklists, inspired by TheLitCritGuy.

  1. The Vampire: A New History (Nick Groom)
  2. White Rage (Carol Anderson)
  3. The Last Man (Mary Shelley)
  4. The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher (Hilary Mantel)
  5. Murder on a Kibbutz (Batya Gur)
  6. Circe (Madeline Miller)
  7. The Ragged Edge (Anna, Comtesse de Brémont)
  8. The Odyssey (trans. Emily Wilson)
  9. Rimas y leyendas (Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer)
  10. In Ghostly Japan (Lafcadio Hearn)
  11. The Illness Lesson (Clare Beams)
  12. Coaching for Performance (John Whitmore)
  13. The Penelopiad (Margaret Atwood)
  14. Murder Duet (Batya Gur)
  15. Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again (Kay Engels)
  16. A Beleaguered City (Margaret Oliphant)
  17. The Sign of the Four (Arthur Conan Doyle)
  18. The Bethlehem Road Murder (Batya Gur)
  19. Murder in Jerusalem (Batya Gur)
  20. Terminal Boredom (Izumi Suzuki)
  21. The Great Pretender (Susannah Cahalan)
  22. Women Who Did (ed. Angelique Richardson)
  23. The Novel and the Police (DA Miller)
  24. The Body Keeps the Score (Bessel Van Der Kolk)
  25. Vertigo and Ghost (Fiona Benson)
  26. Pandora’s Jar (Natalie Haynes)
  27. Thatcher and the Middle East (Azriel Bermant)
  28. The Sculptural Body in Victorian Literature: Encrypted Sexualities (Patricia Pulham)
  29. Monsieur Venus (Rachilde)
  30. Adaptation Networks (Kate Newell)
  31. Metamorphoses (Ovid)
  32. Athena’s Child (Hannah M. Lynn)
  33. The Three-Body Problem (Cixin Liu)
  34. Time to Think (Nancy Kline)
  35. The Vanishing Statue (Carolyn Keene)
  36. The Whispering Statue (Carolyn Keene)
  37. Ghostland (Edward Parnell)
  38. The Snowdonia Killings (Simon McCleave)
  39. Edinburgh Twilight (Carole Lawrence)
  40. House of Leaves (Mark Z. Danielewski)
  41. The Snake’s Pass (Bram Stoker)
  42. Mexican Gothic (Silvia Moreno-Garcia)
  43. In the Palace of Flowers (Victoria Princewell)
  44. Medusa: A Story of Mystery (E.H. Visiak)
  45. The Devil and the Dark Water (Stuart Turton)
  46. The Maidens (Alex Michaelides)
  47. The Passenger from Scotland Yard (H. Freeman Wood)
  48. The Abduction (Jonathan Holt)
  49. Left Out: The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn (Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick Maguire)
  50. Solutions and Other Problems (Allie Brosh)
  51. Mind Fixers (Anne Harrington)
  52. Magpie Murders (Anthony Horowitz)
  53. Klara and the Sun (Kazuo Ishiguro)
  54. Good as Gone (Amy Gentry)
  55. It’s All In Your Head (Suzanne O’Sullivan)
  56. When the Body Says No (Gabor Mate)
  57. The Silent Patient (Alex Michaelides)
  58. The Push (Audrey Audrain)
  59. Eight Ghosts (collection)
  60. Disordered Cosmos (Chanda Prescod-Weinstein)
  61. My Sister the Serial Killer (Oyinkan Braithwaite)
  62. The Mermaid of Black Conch (Monique Roffey)
  63. God Help the Child (Toni Morrison)
  64. The Word is Murder (Anthony Horowitz)
  65. The Sentence is Death (Anthony Horowitz)
  66. Tragedy on the Branch Line (Edward Marston)
  67. Asperger’s Children: The Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna (Edith Sheffer)
  68. How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy (Jenny Odell)
  69. The Examined Life (Stephen Grosz)
  70. Mrs Death Misses Death (Salena Godden)
  71. Jurassic Park (Michael Crichton)
  72. The Lost World (Michael Crichton)
  73. Last Woman Standing (Amy Gentry)
  74. Moonflower Murders (Anthony Horowitz)
  75. A Line to Kill (Anthony Horowitz)
  76. Testosterone Rex (Cordelia Fine)
  77. The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman (Angela Carter)
  78. Case Study (Graeme Macrae Burnet)
  79. Lily: A Tale of Revenge (Rose Tremain)
  80. A Very Murderous Christmas (collection)
  81. Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders (Kate Griffin)
  82. Islands of Mercy (Rose Tremain)
  83. Silence of the Girls (Pat Barker)
  84. The Sleeper and the Spindle (Neil Gaiman)
  85. The Lamplighters (Emma Stonex)
  86. All Systems Red (Martha Wells)