‘Dante Gabriel Rossetti At the Intersection of Painting and Poetry’, Adaptation Before Cinema, ed. Glenn Jellenik and Lissette Lopez Szwydky-Davis (Palgrave, forthcoming 2021)
Chapter on Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s double works as adaptations and how these early examples can inform adaptation studies today.

‘Sherlock’s Legacy: The case of the Extraordinary Sidekick’, A Study in Sidekicks, ed. Lucy Andrew and Samuel Saunders (Palgrave, forthcoming 2021)
Chapter on the legacy of distrust of professional detectives emerging from Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories.

Recent published articles and chapters

‘Back to Bodies: Female Detectives and bodily Tools and Tells in Victorian Detective Fiction’, Victorian Popular Fictions, 2.1 (2020), 56-68
Article on early detective fiction featuring female detectives, arguing for defining the detective fiction genre around the actions of the body, typified as female, rather than around the male ratiocinative mind. (Article; PDF)

‘The one question is not what you mean but what you do: Michael field’s ekphrastic verse’, Victorian Poetry, 57.3 (2019), 345-364
Article on the aesthetic project of Michael Field’s Sight and Song, and how that volume both met and frustrated the expectations of the masculinised art critical community, through comparison with Swinburne’s First Series. (Article; PDF)

‘Belcaro: An Introduction’, The Literary Encyclopedia, May, 2019
Commissioned short article on Vernon Lee’s Belcaro collection of essays, its influences and reception. (Article)

‘Vernon Lee: A Biography’, The Literary Encyclopedia, April 2019
Commissioned short article on Vernon Lee’s life and works. (Article)

‘The Case for Kittler’, Word&Image, 35.1 (2019), 89-96
Article on the utility of Friedrich Kittler’s media history for materialist literary criticism, proposing a Kittlerian toolkit and demonstrating its application to the ekphrastic poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. (Article; PDF)

‘Psychopath Aesthetics: the example of the Cannibal’, MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities, 12 (2018), 70-79
Paper on the Kantian elements of beauty in the recent television series, Hannibal, developing a model of psychopath aesthetics and psychopath ethics. (Article; PDF)

Recent published research communication pieces

‘The Adventure of the “Petticoated Police”, Journal of Victorian Culture Blog (OUP) — May 2020
Short article promoting ‘Back to Bodies’ (see above), accompanied by a thread highlighting under-studied characters and texts. (Blog post; Twitter thread)

‘The Case of the Extraordinary Sidekick’, Journal of Victorian Culture Blog (OUP) — April 2020
Short article promoting research on Sherlock Holmes’ legacy in twenty-first-century detective story telling, trailing ‘Extraordinary sidekick’ (forthcoming, see above). (Blog post)