Dominique Gracia is a consultant and coach, researcher of all things Victorian, and writer of bits and bobs.

Dominique Gracia
Dominique Gracia

Dominique is a consultant and coach with Moved Consulting. She works particularly in the higher education sector with a focus on organisational culture, equity, diversity and inclusion, project leadership, and governance issues. As a coach, she offers both executive and career development coaching, working in particular with graduate students, early-career researchers, and academics moving into corporate leadership roles. You can book an exploratory session with her now.

Dominique gained her PhD from the University of Exeter in 2017. She is especially interested in Victorian poetry, short fiction, and art. Authors of interest include Michael field, Vernon Lee, Oscar Wilde, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Christina Rossetti, William Morris, and CL Pirkis. Dominique’s research covers areas such as media studies and the relationships between writing and art, including adaptation and ekphrasis. She also works on the detective fiction genre from the nineteenth century to the present day. You can find her academic publications in journals such as Word&Image and Victorian Poetry.

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Dominique also writes general interest non-fiction and commentary, short stories and poetry. Her interests focus on the stories of women’s everyday lives, as well as UK politics and culture.

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Dominique is also involved in running the Collaborative Organization for Virtual Education (COVE, formerly the Central Online Victorian Educator). You can find out more about the teaching, research and publishing tools that COVE offers researchers and educators across the humanities on its website.

You can contact Dominique about her research, her writing, and COVE via most social media sites. If you’re interested in contacting Dominique Gracia about consulting or coaching, visit Moved Consulting for more information and contact details. Or book an exploratory coaching session with her now.